• Advisory on the Development / Product Planning. Design Finishes, Value Engineering (VE), etc.
• Monitor of the timeline from submission to approval of DO / BP for launch.
• Attend CCM Meeting and project related meeting.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

• Advisory to Sales & Marketing Strategy.
• Perform Market Analysis.
• Coordinate with the Sales Team, Agents, etc.
• Liaise with solicitors and banker on the sales packages and documentation.
• Advisory on Branding and Positioning of the product / project.

Public Relation & Branding

• Advisory on the Public Relation and Branding development / company.
• Advise on the Public Relations programme and activities.
• Liaising with developer's team and appointed PR Consultant.
• Perform as part of the team for crisis management.

Authority Liaison & Submission

•    Submission of Sales & Advertisment.
•    Submission of Development License (DL).
•    Submission of Extension of Time (EOT).
•    Submission of HDA Withdrawal.
•    Submission of 7F / 7E.
•    Submission for Development Order.
•    Submission of Building Plan (BP).
•    Submission of Conversion of Title.
•    Submission of Bumiputera Quota Waiver.
•    Submission of My-Home.
•    Submission of Quota Solution.

Social Media

• Social Media Strategy.
• Campaign Planning & Management.

Research & Analytic

• Perform Market Analysis.
• Advisory of Feasibility Study.

Marketing Consultant

• Positioning / Repositioning Project.
• Advice sales packaging.
• Managing registered REA to undertake the sales (appointed by   Reconsult plt).

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